Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Second's Glance

A Continuation in my Black and White Series of a Long Life

[...with a couple in color...]
As this is a photo with American flags,
I felt this funkyfied color version worked better than black and white
I also bookended the 23rd Psalm in Color
Sitting and Walking
The new fruit basket
Dogs on a Shelf
Turkish Vase
Cross Stitch in 3D
This is what happens when you don't change your settings back
after making long exposures
at night
..and what was supposed to happen
I rather prefer the accidental exposure...
in the hall
Year Round Christmas
Birds and Flowers
Lower Left
"Does Anybody Know What Time It Is"

Cross Stitch Cross
Sleeping Cats

The LORD is My Shepard

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Caught a Glimpse

I received a package in the mail today.
I couldn't imagine what it was.
I hadn't ordered anything.
I opened it with much anticipation.
It's a Beautiful Book.
A Lovely Book.
Vivien Maier
"Out of the Shadows"
"It's the start of the day
Ginko leaves dot the sidewalk.
Sneakers sit by the front door.
Gardening gloves wait, and
tomatoes ripen on the windowsill.
The children are off at school as
Vivien Maier surveys the world
with her camera in the
early morning light."
"She was a humanist in the best tradition,
she showed real life, and that's so difficult to do."
 --Mary Ellen Mark
Still not knowing who this lovely book came from, I immediately sat to devour it.
Vivien Maier 1926-2009
 "An amateur photographer whose work has thrilled the world since it's discovery..."
On looking at the precious few photographs represented of reportedly more than a hundred thousand,
I was surely thrilled.
I admire her photographic style.
The people and places in her photographs are nothing short of fascinating.
An esoteric set. Made in a completely different era.
Times have changed.
Personal and societal changes.
Styles, architecture, attitudes, and cameras.
Vivien Maier was virtually unknown for her work as a photographer.
Very few of her photographs "were seen by others during her lifetime.
--carefully tucked away in bedrooms, basements, and garages of homes where she was
a live-in caregiver.
Eventually she had to move her possessions into storage.
At the time, she was impoverished, living on her own
in a small apartment not far from the storage facility.
When she fell behind on the monthly payments, she was notified that her belongings
would be sold, but she failed to respond.
The contents of her lockers-truckloads of trunks and boxes filled with newspapers, magazines and personal effects, as well as her photo negatives, slides and undeveloped rolls of film; were purchased in 2007 for $250.00 by a Chicago auctioneer."
I was inspired, to say the very least.
I put on my 50mm and started shooting, with my own black and white series in mind.
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Kevin, Thank You so much, for the book.
I love it and will treasure it always.

 Flowers in the Hall

 A boy


 A Corner in Time

"The Day the Music Died"
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