Tuesday, January 8, 2013

365 / Week One

Hello 2013
New Year and a New 365 Project.

My brand new 365 project is underway. I've put it off for what? 2-3 years now.
It's a challenging time commitment for me.
I decided to jump in and "Just Do It".
I made it through the first week with only one photo made on a different day.
So... Follow with me if you will, please.
I hope you enjoy the photographs.

[Please click on the images to see them larger]

Leaf and Pods (Sycamore)
Hey K.O. Where Are You? *signed* D.F.

The Last of the Mohicans ... ummmm Maples?

Upcycling : Repurposed Art

Pink Pods

 Prayer Walk
My camera is [unavailable] right now... and it's raining today. so I did not make a new photo today, :(
but I'm posting one I made last week.
... This is a view from the trails around Truxton Lake.

The Glorious Setting Sun
All images are mine and are copyrighted

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without express permission.
I would however love for you to share the journal with your friends and family.

© Deborah Flowers Photography

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