Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa Monica Mountain Trails {Malibu Canyons}

I've just come from visiting my youngest daughter and her family in Malibu.
They have a sweet place up on a Ranch in the Canyons of the Santa Monica Mountains.
The trails are exquisite up there, providing the much coveted afternoon sunlight, which is essential for
some wonderful sun flare and back lighting.

I hope you enjoy my photographs taken on my daily walks through the trails near her home.
Included here, are the gorgeous residents of the Ranch.

Encinal Canyon Road

The view from the trailhead...
that little patch of light in the center is the Canyon Road.

The Guardian

High Voltage

Leaf Eddy

California Oak

The View From the Top

Backbone Trail

Santa Monica Mountains

another switchback



Sun Setting Over the Arena

Breeze and Ryan

My daughter...
 All dressed up... "Wicked" at The Pantages

River happily showed me around the Ranch. ...every day. His favorite thing is to go see the horses.

Hope Animal Rescue

Sweet Baby Juno

Precious "old man" Bruno... 14½ years!

Bruno and juno...
Soakin up some warm rays ... it was pretty chilly up there.

You Light up my Life!

♫ Look Over Yonder.... What Do You See... ♫

...well, I suppose we'll have to get up to the rest of the trails next time....
I've already made this a much longer post than I like... {don't want you to lose interest..}
There are just sooooo many photographs I want to share with you.

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