Friday, July 1, 2011

Baby Dog, Baby Love ♥

The Days of Sorrow and Sadness...

These are the chronicles of my last days with my precious babydog.
He was very sick over the weekend. He stopped eating on Friday,
and started throwing up late in the night.
Friday night he wouldn't stay on the bed with me, so I slept on the floor with him.
Friday night and all day Saturday and all through the night we slept under his favorite window.
He was so strong, right to the end. He somehow still had the strength to go outside.
 He absolutely would not go potty in the house. Or even on the deck. I told him he didn't have to go down the ramp, but he did go down the ramp. Every time.
Then I'd pick him up and bring him up the steps. He wouldn't let me carry him down...

Sunday night we slept on his bed in the dining room.  I knew he was leaving me.
I, in my human selfishness "needed" some last pictures...
These were all taken on Friday 28 May.
Then I put the camera away and we began our 11th hour vigil.

I don't really know how to express my feelings of those last three days.
The pictures will be my words.
{I did at least show him enough respect to not let him see the camera.}
On Memorial Day Zeke went to be Jesus' dog.
He died in my arms while I stroked his belly and his feet,
breathing in his sweet puppy scent one last time.
 My tears wetting his Beautiful Brindle fur while Nuzzling his neck,
 I whispered my love for him in his ear as he quietly left this world..
He is Forever Loved, I am Forever Missing Him.
This past month has been the Longest, Lonliest month of my life.

The Best Dog Ever

 A Sunset for my Zekey Poo

Zeke loved this window.
He's always had a bed right in front of it and could soak up the sunshine when it was cold out.
Or enjoy the Summer's Day in the cool of the A/C while looking out at the birds and squirrels. 

I LOVE the pattern of his Beautiful Brindle markings.

I lift my eyes up to the Heavens...
Sugar Pie Baby Dog...
Mama Loves Zeke
Rest in Peace Sweet Boy

Zeke Flowers
10 June 1997 ♥ 30 May 2011

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  1. aww this is beautiful, made me cry. We will forever love Zeke! Sweet pookie brown! xoxo