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♫ ♥ Sugar Pie Baby Dog ♥ ♫

My Best Boy, Zeke
Part I

~~♦The Early Years♦~~
This is a sad,sad story of heartbreak for me.
I've come here and tried to write it several times over the past 13 days.
Every time I try, I just can't bring myself to it.
So I'm going to begin with the happy parts...

On the 18th day of July in 1997, my daughter Breeze called me to come to her house for a surprise.
When I first arrived, she wasn't there... I waited....She came in after only a few minutes.
In her arms, she had two little, tiny, tiny Staffie puppies.
One was Brindle with a white chest and a pink heart shaped spot on his nose.
With four little tiny white paws.
The other was Fawn and White. Very Blond.
Breeze's pup, Bruno turned 14 on June 09, 011!
This is the Story of the Sweet Baby Brindle Pup.

He was soooo cute and soooo tiny.
I named him Ezekiel. He quickly became Zeke. "Neek" to my then, two year old grandson, Ian.
We all often called him Neek over the years, even as Ian grew up and pronounced "Zeke" very well.
Now I had a girl dog at this time. Her name was Mattie. She was ten years old. 

I had only recently lost two other much loved baby dogs. Chopper, A Staffy rescue and Davey Boy.
Mattie and Davey Boy were Pit/Lab mix pups born to my girl Sativa, our first Staffie,
who got "assaulted" by a dog on the loose that jumped our fence into the back yard....
That's a whole, different crazy story...
Yes, we wound up keeping two of the pups... Even though I didn't want to....
My young daughters prevailed.
I unfortunately, have not located all of Zeke's baby pictures...
since I moved from California, so much has remained, still packed.
I have boxes and boxes and boxes ..of pictures...

This first picture.."dog butts"...was taken the first day Zeke came home.
Mattie didn't quite know what to make of him.

Zeke at thirteen weeks. The first week he started obedience class.
Zeke and Mattie at Mama's house in SC.
This was Zeke's first road trip, when I discovered he would have to be forever medicated for travel...
He's Seven months old... Mattie is Eleven years in this picture.
She lived to be two months away from Seventeen! ♥
What a girl she was! Best Escape Artist EVER!!!
Check out her dainty little feet! Hard to imagine these feet capable of scaling a six feet privacy fence.
She certainly could do it a skinny minute though. I guess she got that from her dad ;)
After all, that's how she came to be....
Zeke was a lap dog from the very beginning and he never stopped sitting on my lap.
Even at 75 pounds.
When we came to SC he always wanted to sit on Mama's lap too.
And of course, she let him.... he was toooooo SWEET!

♥ Zeke and me for his One Year Birthday ♥

The following images are a random collection of pictures of Zeke over the years...
2000?  Three years? No gray in his muzzle at all.

I love pictures that show how golden his eyes are.

Gotta Love that Pit Bull Smile ♥

 Breeze and Zeke

Zeke and Milla {his Chi Chi gurrrl} She always boxed him and beat him up..he always let her.

Fast Forward to the last year here in South Carolina....

 February 011

 Christmas 2010

If you knew Zeke, you know how special he was.
You knew that he was a delightful boy.
He was my furry pride and Joy
He loved to play with soft baby toys... he loved to play catch with his big fat nubby squishy ball...
He was an AWESOME pup ♥
There will never be another Zeke
I love and miss you so much baby dog!!!
In Loving Memory
Zeke Flowers
10 June 1997 ~ 30 May 2011
{American Staffordshire Terrier}

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