Friday, June 24, 2011

Sugar Pie Baby Dog {Zeke} Part II

"All Dogs Go To Heaven"

I'm sure all of you who know me, know by now that my precious boy
Zeke, went to be with Jesus in heaven on Memorial Day.
Over those last days his kidney's failed and he went down rapidly over the week end.
I was unable to get Veterinary care for him over the week end.
We spent two agonizing days in sickness.
Since he was so sick and wouldn't stay on the bed with me, I slept on the floor by his bed with him.
By Monday morning when I found a Vet that would see him as a new patient,
he was in complete renal failure.
My Thanks go out to the wonderful Dr. and staff at Hewitt Veterinary,
for their willingness to take us in, and the kindness and care they gave us ..
Zeke went peacefully and quietly as I held him in my arms and whispered Love in his ear.
No more sickness and suffering. I'm sad for my loss.
I rejoice that he is not suffering in pain or sickness.
He was my baby dog. My kid with paws. My boy child.
Only those who love their furry kids can know and understand this most precious and special bond.
I always joked that Zeke thought I gave birth to him.
♥ Zekey Poo, I LOVE YOU ♥
Zeke was an extremely Handsome 14 year old Brindle Staffordshire Terrier...
10 June 1997 ~ 30 May 2011
I hope you enjoy his handsome beauty as much as I do.

Ezekiel 'Terms of Endearment'
♥ Pookie Brown ♥
Sugar Pie Baby Dog
Zekey Poo
Neeky Poo
My Best Bud
My Buddy
Angel face
Baby Dog
Sweet Pea
Zeke Baby
Pumpkin/Pumpkin Pie
In 07 he had ACL Surgery. {that will be more pictures...}
After that he became much less enamored with posing for pictures.
Though his ligament surgery healed fine with no complications,
It began to seem like pictures became much more of a chore for him than before the surgery.
After the surgery, he also became extremely anxious when separated from me.
Later in reading and researching results of this surgery,
I learned that many dogs who go through any type of surgery or major illness in which they spend extended amounts of time in the hospital, are more likely to experience separation anxiety.

Zeke's last Spring in California... {He's a California Man ♥}

He loved sitting in front of Raine's door and watching the goings on outside....
..even though he has devil dog eyes in this picture, I love the prick of his ears.
He has the sweetest ears....♥

I love him in this sweet golden light at the days end...

Indoor Sunning

You can't see me...........................

A Winter Walk in the South Carolina Country

again with those ears!

The half pricked ears are perfectly visible here...♥ I love his ears

A final Sunset for Zekebaby

Sweetest puppy face! ♥ {ears at perfect half-prick}

Scratching under the Holly tree

This picture is just 29 days before he died.
He's watching/listening to the dogs next door barking at our fence...

Sugar Pie Baby Dog, you know that I love you... I can't help myself, I love you and nobody else....

Zeke and Misty Morning

May 2010 ♥ After a Hard Rain

Heading for the steps, My Puppy Love
The link below is to Zeke's page on facebook.
I love you puppy!

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