Thursday, January 27, 2011

3/52 Birds, birds, birds....

Lots of pretty and unusual (to me) birds in my yards these days.
Thanks to my friend Frank for identifying this Pine Grosbeak for me. From the link he provided I discovered another site which lead to the identification of several other birds I've recently seen in my yards.
Another great wildlife site is Doug Gardener's site at
You can catch Doug on Wild Life Photo Adventures on PBS, Sunday Evenings at 7:30 EST.

Northern Cardinal
 At the Fountain
 These shots of the Cardinal and the Robin at the Fountain were shot through double paned glass.

Robin at the Fountain

Homemade Coconut Macaroons

These tree trunks really are this white, with a slight blue tinge.
I had to over expose the shot to bring them out.
 I added a light vignette to add some depth to the white sky.

Here they are slightly darkened.

Any id on this tree? The leaves, trunk and shape mimics a crepe myrtle,
but these berries are not crepe myrtle.

Mono White Trunks
Cut it Out

Spider Orchid

All That Glitters

Ice Peaks

Lichen on Tree Bark

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