Sunday, January 23, 2011

2/52 ♥ Florida, USA

I took a quick trip with two of my sisters to Florida, to visit our Uncle.
It was beautiful there, and the weather was sublime.
 Balmy  and 73º.
It reminded me a lot of California... Though in the Summer; it's NOTHING like California.
The Florida humidity in the Summer is excruciatingly brutal.

Too bad we came home to more snow and ice...


White Ibis

This lake outing was the only chance I got to shoot pictures.

These Swans are Magnificent...
...this one was doing about 5 mph across the lake. Check out that wake...
 Glorious Beauty and Power

Florida Bluebill

Can You Believe that Hairdo?

White Ibis

Showing Off..
 We had intended to go out shooting again the next day, but decided to leave a day early to try and get home before the Monday morning snowfall turned to dangerous ice on the roads.
There were white Pelicans on the other side of the lake, that I didn't get to shoot. That made me very sad :(

This is my Uncle Alar, Mama's only surviving brother.
It's a Wonderful Life
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