Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Pink from October... Breast Cancer Awareness..

 Once behind... it is very difficult to catch up.
This year of Three Sixty Five has been a huge challenge.
Not the shooting part, that's relatively easy.
I have been shooting every day for quite a few years now.
The posting part...well, as you can see, that is where I have fallen way short.
The month of December is racing full throttle towards Christmas,
 and I am still in October, as far as my posting habits.
Maybe I'm just wishing for those warm days when the hours were still long.

I don't want to inundate the daily post with more than ten or fifteen images at the most.
I don't want you to be bored, dear reader, with so many images at once.
I want you to relish each image and try to see it as it presented itself to the lens.
So I'm keeping the comments short, most have just the title and number of each image.
So, dear reader, maybe some of these images from early Fall
will bring a smile to your face and some warmth to your soul,
during the freezing temps we are experiencing around the Country right now...
In my last post I posted the wrong image for day 291
The correct image is posted here.
The Lil Poser
So continuing on...picking up on day 294...through the end of Pink..

Cotton Candy Clouds
Pink for the Cure
We enjoyed quite a few warm, rainy days during October.
It was GREAT! I love a good rain.

Camellias in the Rain...
Back in the day, when my daughters were very young children, the Jelly shoes were all the rage.
Some of you will remember them,
and some will only know of the Crocs which, to me, are the Jellies of the 21st Century.
Hey, they're vegetarian shoes!
Pink Jellies
Old Fashion Rose

The end is near....

Trick or Treat....
Pirate Family...Oy Matey
I ♥ You
The End of Pink
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