Thursday, October 21, 2010

243/365 through 9/11 [253/365]

Black Female Swallowtail sipping huoneysuckle nectar on the back gate
01 September 010

Local hubcap establishment...
Hubcaps 24/7 •♦• 244/365
there are hubcaps on all sides of this building.. hung like shingles.
02 September 010

Glass Flower Mosaic ♦ 245/365
Can you guess what it is?
03 September 010
Bun Bun ~ 246/365
From June through September this precious lil bunny lived in my yard and chewed the succulent grass day and night. Every day before letting Zeke out, I'd go out and make sure the lil bun bun was well out of harms way. Though I needn't have worried, Zeke only tried to chase him once.
At 13, I guess his chasing days are behind him..
04 September 010


 The Very Hungry Caterpiller
Though we are nearing the end of October as I'm writing this, Summer is already a sweet memory.
These berries have turned to deep purple and the birds,
along with the caterpillers, are packing them away for the winter now.
This bush is looking pretty scraggly right now and I so want to pull it up.
But there are still some good, juicy berries on it yet, so I will leave it still.
05 September 010

 Fall Sunburst ♦ 248/365
06 September 010

 1972 Monte Carlo ♥ The Heartbeat of America
07 September 010
This car speaks for itself!
 Piece of Paradise ♦ 250/365
At the Farmers Market
08 September 010

 My Boy Zeke ♥ 251/365
09 September 010
 Black Male Swallowtail sipping nectar from the same honeysuckle, on the fence in the back garden.
10 September 010
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