Tuesday, October 26, 2010

12 September ~ 25 September [365]

12 September... 
Pitcher Plant ••• 254/365
13 September
A yellow bee pollinating a weed
14 September 010
Sun Ray ☼ 256/365
15 September 010
Pink Ginger ♦ 257/365

16 September
Pond Lily • 258/365

17 September at the Farmers Market..
Exotic yellow banana flower
18 September
South Carolina Tobacco Festival/Palmetto Cruisers
Lake City, South Carolina
57 Chevy ••• 260/365
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19 September
My dog Zeke, enjoying the cooler weather
and the lower humidity of the coming Fall Season.
Brindle Baby ♥ 261/365
20 September
Hanging Hibiscus ♥ 262/365
21 September
This tiny little lizard, with it's unusual markings, is only about three inches long.
Brown Anole ••• 263/365
22 September
Frangi Pani I
 23 September
A Late Blooming Rose from my Yard
Red Rose in a Bottle ••• 265

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