Thursday, August 5, 2010

09 July, 010 ~ 29 July, 010

Thank you for Smoking... grrrrr.....
I snagged this Title from the movie, "Thank You for Smoking"
I haven't seen too many tobacco fields lately. I'm sure they are still growing here, I just haven't been out in the Country too often lately.
When I was very young my Daddy was a tobacco Farmer.
I remember days and days of working in the tobacco fields.
Out in the hot sun and stifling humidity.
Suckering, (that's picking the flowers off the tops..)
stringing tobacco, haging it in the barn...
and the smell of it curing.
I'm not exactly sure of the modern curing methods, as our Family is no longer involved in that.
I didn't realize when I shot this, it would be my topic of conversation for the day.
I should have hunted up a barn picture to go along with the tobacco field.
My Favorite Senior
Zeke turned 13 last month.
While he's been youthful and playful well into his senior years, he is starting to slow down
these days. He no longer likes to pose for me.
He has a real hard time climbing the steps to the back deck.
I know he misses our house in California, where he just walked out the back door
onto the patio and right onto the grass. No steps to climb up or lumber down...
He uses the ramp to go down, but won't use it to come back up.
Crazeee boy! ♥ I love him so much ♥


DeadWood ♦ 208/365
I've passed this tree many times and wanted to get some shots of it, so finally I did. I love old dead trees and deadwood. They have such rich textures and colours. I find the shape of this one very interesting. It appears to have possibly been split by lightning. There is a nest in the crevice of a broken limb. I saw something fly into it while I was there, but I couldn't tell what it was. It's pretty high up there.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Killdeer ♦ 207/365

Thanks to my friend Maxine for the ID and info... They are ground birds and lay their eggs right on the ground.. in the open, no nest..


RED CANNA ♦ 206/35


Hundred Year Agave a.k.a. Century Plant ♦ 205/365

This is a High Desert Dweller. Thriving in the hot, arid climates of the West. It grows for a hundred years, blooms once, then dies. Fortunately during this life cycle it produces offspring to carry on the growing tradition. This particular plant has two other plants that have sprouted at it's base. At my last visit, it had bloomed and has already begun to die.


Silhouette Song


The Best Boy ♥ 203/365


Berry Good ♦ 202/365

She's My Brown Eyed Girl



Feeding Time ♥ 200/365
I didn't actually shoot this on this day, but somehow it never got posted, so here it is. I certainly couldn't Not post any of these here. The entire series can be found on my facebook page in the album titled "Birds of Summer"

I found this so special and intriguing. This was a very attentive Mama. She kept her eye on me when I climbed up on the ladder to get a better shot and just to see what was going on with them. This is the very first time I have ever witnessed a Mama bird feeding her babies. I was all warm and fuzzy inside ;)

Here she is...Queen Mother!

Mama ♥ 199/365



Berry Best ♦ 197/365

This weed grows in my yard and has gotten quite large this Summer. I just leave it and let it grow. The birds love the juicy purple berries. They are eating them now and a lot of them will last through the beginning of Fall.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mocked ••• 196/365
This Mockingbird looks a little worse for wear... They are kind of mean, so he's most likely been in a fight with some other bird or maybe a cat.

Little Bird ♦ 195/365


Mr Toad ~~~~194/365


Untitled ♣ 193/365


Inky Dinky Spider...Climbed up the Water spout



Red Headed Sapsucker



Reflecting Red ♥ 190/365
I enjoy watching these gorgeous birds bathing in the birdbaths and fountains and just hanging out in my yards. This one must be the "baby daddy".


Zeke, slowly cimbing the steps.

If I Close My Eyes... 189/365


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