Sunday, July 18, 2010

Picture a Day/365

~The first hummer of the season~
I usually see only a few hummingbirds now that I'm on the East Coast.
In California, I couldn't keep my feeders full.
Here, I usually have to pour to it out each week to freshen it.
I'm sad because they are among my favorites...
This lil guy is playing and bathing in the sprinklers.
Hummingbird Shower
~Dragonfly on Amaryllis~
Yellow and Black Dragonfly resting on the buds of a red Amaryllis
~ Baby Dog ~
Zeke, my Senior Staffie, is 13 years old
He's just the sweetest lap dog!
He doesn't much care for having his picture taken anymore.
I try not to bug him about it,
but I do try to get a couple shots each week now.
Pretty Kitty

My sisters kitten
***Happy Fourth***

Zeke, wearing the Colors of the USA
"Proud to be an American"
I was struck by the beauty of God's design
in this grouping of lichen covered tree trunks,
with the far away ones in the spacings, seen across the pond.
Baby Lizzy
Cute and very tiny Carolina Anole,
stretched out on the leaf of a Miniature Mum plant.
This little guy is only about three inches from it's head to
the tip of it's tail!

My Best Friend
American Staffordshire Terrier

Chameleon on Post
A friend told me this is the mating call of the Carolina Anole.

Tiger Lily
"Black and Blue"
I have no idea what this irridescent, "black and blue" bug is.
If you do, please let me know.
Aside from his striking colours, I love his curly antennae.
"Echinacea Purporea" aka ... Purple Coneflower
There's a good sized grouping of these on one side of my house,
so after a rainy night... I tried without success,
to get flower relections in some of the raindrops.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Days of Summer

The Public Library
"Small Carvings"
Dale E Beaton
From the Rough
Wildlife Art
Woodcarving and Sculpture

"The Wood Gang"

Look at That Moon...

Another Dragonfly
Heeeee Haaaawww
I first discovered this group of cute donkeys last fall,
but they were always on the other side of their pasture
and I couldn't get any good shots.
I love horses and cows and donkeys...
Thes guys were in a friendly mood on this day, so I was able to get
some good shots while petting and visiting with them.
I'm pretty sure this is the first spotted donkey I've ever seen, anywhere.
She's just sooooo cute!
Love her!

Though this one seems rather common in colour, he/she? had some
pretty groovy markings. And he/she was super friendly. She loved having her face scratched...
It might be a Mama Donkey?

Sunning Turtle
A little guy, he's not even as big as my hand...
and the one behind him in the next shot is even smaller.

Little tiny grasshopper...
click on any image to see it larger...

Dragonfly series...

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