Wednesday, June 23, 2010

From the yard to the Pond, to the Beach, and back...

Sunday, 20 June 010
Happy Father's Day to All Fathers Everywhere!
Most of All, Happy Father's Day to Our Heavenly Father
(yep, this one is out of order...)
at the edge of the water...
I saw this guy in someone's yard on my way home from the pond...weird...
He was injured and was hopping around. Some mockingbirds were trying to dive bomb him,
then finally, he flew away.
you need to see this large to appreciate his red head...and lovely face!
Red Headed Vulture

Don't Trip

You can tell it's Summer when the dragonflies are out in over abundance!
They are every size, shape and colour.
But they are very hard to photograph
Another Dragonfly ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
170/365 is at the top of the page =(
I spent the weekend at the Beach with my Sister ..
I had a session with Will from Model Mayhem, then I went in search of these guys!
I have several shots of one of the Great Blue Heron's that live at the pond where I walk, I see him almost every day. But I don't have many of the Great White Egrets that I love so much.
White Egret

Stopped at the marsh and a guy was netting bait and he had caught these Blue Crabs...
I tried to get an action shot of him scampering sideways...
but didn't...
She's Got Legs

••• Garden City Beach •••
View from the Pier...

Just another Gorgeous day at the Pond..
And these lil swimmers are in my backyard pond...
there must be gajillions of them in there.
Let the frog song begin!
Wait till you see pictures of the frog orgies that go on my yard....
..every summer!
Frank said he'd clone the branch out of this shot for me...
I'll repost when that's done.
this squirrel is resting and trying to stay cool in the shade of the dogwood.
The heat index for this day was 106* E~OWWW
That is HOT!!! and it's NOT a dry heat either!
It's a hundred degrees in the shade!
It's been Sooooooooooooooo Freakin HOT lately ..and Humid!
Even the Birds are HOT!
On Sunday 13 June I attended the Living Water Benefit
at Biker Church USA.
It was a benefit/fundraiser for the Tommy Head Ministries.
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