Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Great Blue Heron

In Flight
In the ThreeSixtyFive Project, I must choose
only one image from each days shoot.
Some days, I get just one image that I personally
think is that one great "it" shot.
Some days...
..some days I shoot several different subjects.
On those days, I have to choose the favorite
subject and the one great "it" shot.
Art is all subjective and my favorite may not be your favorite.
So.... for this day {171/365}...
I am showing the complete series.
I have shot this GBH many, many times.
Ever since the very first time I saw him fishing
in the marshes of the pond at Freedom Florence,
last November, I've been stalking him.
I feel this series is my Personal Best, and wanted to share
all of the images. In all of my previous attempts, I've never gotten
the clear, detailed face shots that I got on this day.
He was stalking fish...
I was stalking him.
All was quiet and I was the only human out there.

This bird is not only stunning in it's Grace and Beauty,
but it's focus and concentration while feeding is Amazing.
Even though he was earnestly seeking food, he knew I was there,
hiding behind the trees.
I am so thankful that he allowed me to get as close as he did.
All of the images in this series only took about half an hour of shoot time.
I very quietly and discreetly followed him as he, very
quietly and discreetly stalked fish for his lunch.
I enjoyed watching him, though after I'd gotten
what I knew would be sufficient to choose my
Picture of the Day...
I left him alone to fish and enjoy his catch(es) in Peace.

I hope that you enjoy this super special series
of this most magnificnt bird.
Please click on the images to view them large
to appreciate his Splendor and Fierce Beauty.
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without express written permission.
Thank you!

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