Sunday, May 16, 2010

These cupcakes at The Children's Table, were deeelisch!
Terri, at The Catering Connection did a wonderful job. Not only did the food taste good,
it was beautifully displayed as well.
Donna, telling one of her many fascinating stories...

Linda and Chelsea sharing in some good times...
Dewey, always so gracious..

Guests relaxing, chatting, and enjoying the food and fabulous music!

Adorable Baby Girl
Friends mingle...

Suzanne and Chris

Chelsea, Cindy and Patsy

Floramay and Gabon

Florrie with Dewey, James, Ashley, Floramay, Nelson and Francis

James and Mom

Florrie, with James and Ashley
This is my beautiful daughter and wonderful assistant Breeze,
with my littlest grandbaby, River, from Malibu, California.

Donnie and Don Ella

One more view of the beautiful and delicious Wedding Cake!

The Children's Table
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