Sunday, May 23, 2010

♥ Ya Gotta Have Faith ♥

Although these images were taken yesterday, I'm making (one of) them my 365 for today.
These are from my first photowalk since moving to Florence and it was a little different than the photowalks I've participated in, living in California.
Today's photowalk included a live model, and the photowalk was instantly transformed
into an urban photo shoot.
With a model I had not met with previously, in an area that I had not really explored previously, during the exact middle of the day. Which of course caused some light issues for me.

I prefer to shoot fully manual and I had to shoot super fast, as this model was on the move... As a result, this led me to some over, as well as under exposures, with very little time to check my histogram and adjust ISO and exposure accordingly.
Not to mention that the sun was so bright most of the time I couldn't even see the histogram. She is an adorable child and put up with a lot from the adults pointing cameras at her the whole this, do that..look over here..walk this way..
It was an enjoyable challenge for me, and I feel that I got a handful of pleasing shots.
I feel that it worked out well and that the edgy compositions mixed well with the noon day light.

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