Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Off the Beaten Path"
I saw my friends picture of a red headed turtle and it reminded me of this guy I saw a couple of weeks ago on my walk. He was poking his red head up between the boards, but upon my approach he ducked down to hide from me. I waited for quite some time but he wouldn't come back up...I guess he could "smell" me?
We are afraid of them, but they are afraid of us as well. It's important to be respectful of Nature.
The is the Turtle I rescued from the street and took him to the pond...
He's not quite as cute as the red headed one my friend found in her back yard in Missouri. But he is pretty cute still.
Purple Clematis
This cluster of Pink Clematis crowning my fence has been the subject of my ThreeSixtyFive quite a few times previously. And as the Grand Finale of this blooming period, here is one of the last blooms just before dropping to the ground in it's final glory...
•♥ Shower Girls ♥•
A Wedding Shower given to Ashley by Alana and her friends at Liz's house.
Good friends, good food, mimosas and gifts!
"Dawn of the Dead"
I saw this "live/dead" dogwood tree and had to capture it. Who knows how many more times it will bloom like this... The tree is clearly "dead", yet it had live branches with live blooms!
Risen From the Dead

It's untitled, because I have no idea what kind of tree this is. The blooms look vaguely like a white Wisteria, but it's not. It's a tree, not a vine and it had thorns...

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