Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Natural Beauty •••143/365

Natural Beauty
In this picture of the Oak tree, I really appreciate the juxtaposition of the fresh,bright green,
"new" leaves alongside the leafless, tentacled branches covered in Lichen.
Though this image was chosen as the picture of the day..
there are so many beautiful shots from this Nature Walk.
Too many in fact, and I've put only a select few in these pages to try and show all of the wonderful sights and images of Natural Beauty, that I encountered on just one hike
through the trails around Lynches River.
And all of the images in this post were taken before I even got to the actual river.
ahhh...those are for another post...
Below, is a tiny, Black Damselfly...
My neighbor has 16 Pines in their yard and I have plenty of pine cone fallout, but these pine cones I found on these trails are big ones...most are approximately 10 inches long and 5-6 inches around at the base. Big Pine Cones! And very pretty, not destroyed by the squirrels.
I have no idea what this flower (weed?) is but it is very beautiful, with pink and yellow blossoms. They were growing wild all along the trails...
view it large to see the tiny insect on the leaf...
I guess this used to be the chain that closed the drive into the Trails...the lock doesn't look too old, though the chain is completely rusted.
I just love moss and fungi and lichen...they each have the most intricate laces and fritillaries.
All unique, none the same, kind of like snowflakes.

Spanish Moss and Lichen on a small broken tree stump...

I cartainly don't have the equipment to showcase the miniscule florets that this fungus is made of, though I'm sure you've seen this on trees before. It may be algae...I'm not sure.

Green, white and purple lichen, covers this entire tree trunk!

Deep inside the trails...

The vividness of the bright green of this pine sapling really pops against the brilliant blue sky!
Natural Beauty!

This is one of the first, of the large pine cones that I saw. I really like the contrast of the brown tones against the sand. The sand is actually white, but the sunlight turned it to gold.

I really tried to capture the tiny, tiny pink blossoms blooming on these grasses.
The blooms are super small and the wind was blowing, so this is the best I got.

A wasp sipping nectar from the pink and yellow blooms.

Black Oak

Fresh Blooms

"The long and winding road....
...that leads to your door..." ~ Paul McCartney

I saw this barn on a dirt road I explored before entering the park.
This brilliant blue sky with the puffy white cumulus clouds
provide the perfect backdrop for the broom grasses and various other foliage.

Hot Tin Roof...

Pink Oleander from my Yard...

Lacecap Hygrangea from my yard...
I hope we burned some calories during our Nature was a two hour hike.
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