Thursday, May 20, 2010

• Morgan •
Boykin Spaniel
I met Morgan and his owner, on one of my walks around the trails at Freedom Florence.

He is a very cute and very well trained, therefore well behaved..Boykin Spaniel
I love Dogs! and I love photographing dogs. so when I meet one that is as well trained as Morgan it is very easy to get good shots. He sits and stays on command, so there is no running around while I'm trying to get the money shot!
there were only a few shots of Morgan that didn't make it to the journal.
He's very handsome and quite photogenic. I'm very pleased with our session,
and I'm confident that his daddy Joe will be as well.

Can your dog do this???
Don't look down...

Morgan walks on water...
It started raining on us.


••• Morgan •••
•• 136/365 ••

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