Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Heron All Day..
Catches a Fish, then Flies Away
Hurry up and Wait!

I waited in the bog...literally IN the bog...for close to an hour
snapping pictures of this gorgeous guy. The muck was soaking into my shoes and I was getting cold. This was back in March of this year, still chilly out most days. This guy just stood there on a limb out in the lake...none of those turned out very well. I needed my longer lens...oh well...
I was not prepared for him.
And.... My images are posted in reverse...
Though he did eventually fly over to the other side, which is where I was actually standing in the muck, then he sat there for another very looong time..with his neck stretched out... together we
waited...I knew he was fishing.

...Sure enough, quick as lightning, he ducked under the water and came up with a small fish!
I watched him gulp it down whole..then seeming completely satisfied...
he flapped his wings, spread them wide and away he flew....

...and out of the muck I came...Thankful my prayers had been answered..I had not been bitten by any of the snakes that I know were hiding out in the bog at the edge of the lake.

The image above is the first shot with the fish, barely visible.


This image below is the first one before he went fishing... as you scroll up the page, you can see the order of the fishing event.
Needless to say, he was definitely my 365 of the day.
These were shot 23 March 010 just before sunset at Freedom Florence,
in Florence, South Carolina

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