Monday, May 10, 2010

Deborah Flowers Photography
Located at the
Institute of
Manufacturing and
Technology ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~103/365~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
in Florence, SC ~~~~~~~~~Fabulous Water Feature~~~~~~~~~~~
"Whatever you do, Brer Rabbit, do NOT throw me in that Briar Patch!
White Violet
It's actually a weed on the path, but it looks like a white violet...
♦♦ Crowning Beauty ♦♦
This is the "Best Buds" three days later...
Most of the buds on this Clematis on the fence are opening their beautiful, delicate petals to the warmth of the fabulous Spring Sunshine!

♥ 99/365 ♥
Pathway Through God's Creation
This was taken the Week before Easter, the trees are just beginning to leaf out in all their glory..
This is the path on my daily walk, where I spend my quiet time with The LORD. Talking to Him and marveling at the Glorious Beauty of His Wonderful Creation.
Holy Holy Holy

♥ 98/365 ♥
♥♥♥ With This Ring ♥♥
♦♦♦•Best Buds•♦♦♦
Clematis Buds Crowning the Fence
Don't get your Feathers Ruffled!
Desires of the Heart
•♥ Wisps of Broken Hearts and Shattered Dreams ♥•
••• Violets Are Blue •••
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