Thursday, May 20, 2010

Darlington County
These images are from my day of Trespassing.
They are not from the Private Property from which I have been banned.
These are taken from the side of the road as I was wandering the countryside.

This gigantic tree below, which this image does not even begin to do justice.. is on the "private property" but this view is from the street before I ventured onto the "private property"
I was using my 300mm because I was mostly shooting either from a distance, or shooting macros, so I was going to go up the lane (Nursery Rd.) and shoot whatever was up at the "nursery", which turned out to not even be a nursery, but a "private" plantation. I had planned to change lenses on the way out and capture this tree with my 18mm. Well, that never happened...I encountered the plantation owner, who turned out to be a very cranky old dude! He said I could NOT go onto HIS property and take any pictures.
Well, fine!
I will be going back out there to get some shots of this tree (from the Road!!!) with my 17mm.
This image below is at the end of Nursery Road..(not a Nursery)

This is a Wheat field on Pocket Road...just down from Back Swamp Road.
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