Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Rose ♥ This is from a bouquet of roses my sister received while in the Hospital,
after having Brain Surgery.

Two Lips
also from my sister's brain surgery
btw...she is recovering fabulously!
♥ Zeke Baby Dog ♥

At the beginning of a play session..

♦ Anticipation ♦
Waiting to play catch...This session is from February when it was really cold outside.
The weather is sometimes pretty extreme here in South Carolina, so when it is extremely cold, or hot out, we play catch inside. We've played inside since Zeke was a little tiny puppy pibble, and...
We've not ever broken anything.
Now that wagging tail of his is a completely different story. In fact just a couple of days before I shot this session of him, he broke a brand new branch, with new buds on my candystripe phaelenopsis orchid. Just whacked it right off with that wagging whip of his tail...


Rebound II

..Keep Away..

INTENSE ~•~49/365
I realize this picture is on here twice, but I can't remove it.
Last night when posting a weeks worth of 365's I inadvertantly deleted two pictures, (that's why my 45/365 was out of order). Yet now, when I try to delete one that is a dupe...I can't ...
..so anyway, there it is again.. at least it's a cute one!

Jump Back Jack!

All done! Stick a fork in him..he's done!

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