Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pink Skies at Night

Snow White ♥ Phalenopsis

This bloom had just opened this morning..

Fresh n Lovely

Winter Ice
During January we had some extremely cold weather.
This Ice storm blew in overnight on 31 January and stayed around for almost a week.
Since then we've even had snow here in the Southland!
Weird weather ...but then it is El Niño!

I almost NEVER get good bird images.
I just happened to have my camera while out front with Zeke, and..
Voi'la...this little guy was just "right there"! I was only about four feet away from him,
and he did move around in the bush a bit, but stayed in good enough view for me to fire off several quick shots. I'm really quite pleased, as the clarity in these two shots is pretty good.
I find that it takes an extreme amount of patience and fortitude (which I absolutely don't have..)
to get great bird images.

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