Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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The Blue Hour at Willow Creek Pond

Reflection in Blue

Reflections of the Tall Pines

One day back in 08 as I was wandering in the country, looking for interesting photo ops, I happened on this fabulous little spot. Shortly after pulling to the side of the road, and snapping a few quick shots, the landowner came out to see who I was, and what I was up to. Since I was shooting a fabulous Sunset, I offered him my card and said I would be happy to e-mail the images to him. After all, it was his his Private Property.

We, of course chatted for a while, and he granted me permission to come back out and shoot when ever I wanted.
That was 01 October 08 just days before I was leaving to spend the Winter in California. Very soon after arriving in California, my laptop crashed. I had spent two weeks in North Dakota where I had dropped and disabled my backup drive that had copies of the originals and the edited images. Now I had lost all of the data on the laptop and I no longer have those first images I took at Willow Creek Pond. Which is sad because they are completely different from the images on this page.

Those were all orange and pink Sunset pictures, taken at the very end of Summer,
at the very beginning of Fall, when there was a lot more foliage in the trees.
Very unlike these images, taken in February,
in the dead of Winter,
during the magical "blue hour" .

This picture of the duck? I think it's a duck...was the picture I used for my 365 on day 50.
There were a pair of ducks, swimming very rapidly across the lake. I was shooting long exposures and I took 12 or 15 shots. Since I was shooting so slow,
(this was shot at 1/20 @ f-5) there was extreme motion blur because of the gliding and head bobbing. I did like a couple of the others ok, but this is my favorite.
Probably because of the reflection.

After a Swim

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