Monday, March 8, 2010

45/365 (out of order)
Moonrise at Sunset
Bully Mack
Red Nose Pit

Tree in da Hood

Just Like New...
I have passed by this rusty old boneyard many times since coming here and have never had the time to stop and get shots of these Mack Trucks.
Of course they have all seen better days...I'm sure they have all had a long and industrious work ethic. They all appeared to have been some sort of work unit rather than transport trucks.
I have a passion for the Classic Cars and Trucks, but that passion is not limited to the fully restored "Cherry" Cars and Trucks. I am enamoured of the rusty and crusty as well.
Very Vintage Bully

Graveyard Shift with Flare

Rust and Crust

Misty Mocha

♥ Misty Morning ♥

Greek Orthodox Church of the Transfiguation
I love Church! God's House comes in many shapes and colours. I love Church and unique architecture.
I have wanted to capture the unique Architecture of this Greek Church for a long time. I shot this image one afternoon, when I passed by with a little time on my hands and at exactly the right moment in light..I love the golden sunlight on the copper of the side roof line against the backdrop of the brilliant blue sky.
"When I Consider Your Heavens O LORD"
Please click on this image to view it large to see the detail in the shadows of the moons surface.
44/365Hopewell Cemetery is listed in the National Register of Historic Places in the South Carolina Department of Archives and Historical Places.

Snowfall in the South

♥ Skeletal Heart ♥

Gateway to the Secret Garden

Snow after Dark

Fresh Flakes on Red Berries

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