Saturday, March 6, 2010

Light ♫
♫ Rain
Light and Rain

Blooming in Winter

As you know this is a subtropical plant that I brought with me from California.
It will not survive the Winter here in South Carolina, so I bring it inside over Winter.
It now blooms in Winter inside my house! Crazy...

Watching the Sunset from inside the Window...
This is not my original 39/365, though I did shoot it on the same day.
I could not get the Moss Cross, which is the real 39/365 to load to this page. I tried it twice and I will try it again later...even though it will be out of order :)
I liked the black of the bare branches against the faint pastels of the Sunset in the Western sky.

Dead leaves from the huge Sycamore tree floating in the pond.

Maxwells (rusty) Hammer

Rain Tree Frog

Herons and Cormorants Nesting

Golden Light

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