Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Day Five~

SOOC~ Straight out of the Camera...
About 8:30 this morning, before the Moon had set for the day.
I suppose I could have cropped it
and made it bigger, but I like the
framing of the trees and the angle of
that frame.

Out and about today after work, looking for a viable subject...

It's so cold out. This is the South for cryin out loud! The high today was 42*...At least it was Sunny! It was actually a very beautiful day with beautiful deep blue skies. I just don't function well when the temp is below 60*.

So.. I had been to this guy's place that backs up to Jeffries Creek, and I took some shots of "stuff" like the trees, the trees reflected in the water, the girl holding the glass ball, Just stuff. With no particular favorite...As I was leaving, I spotted these two beauties. If you know me, you know I love Horses. So..voila! My subject for day five!

Up in these trees somewhere is a red headed sapsucker...I could hear him.

I did finally see him, I just didn't get any decent shots of him. I am definitely not a very good bird photographer.

Day Five~


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