Friday, January 8, 2010

Three Sixty Five ~ Day Seven ~

Just as I was contemplating what I wanted to shoot for my 365...
I had been out most of the day and didn't have anything yet...Plus it is Sooooo COLD out today. Like 35 degrees at 3PM.
I had Lunch today at RedBone with my sister and my niece's future Mother in law.. We were discussing plans for the upcoming Wedding in May. Frankly, I did not want to go out again..because of the c-c-c-coldness.
So I was putting together some things for a still shot when the doorbell rang and Voila!
Brown (UPS) had delivered a package from California. Inside the package was this...Two framed of Breeze and River, shot by Photographer, Sharon De La O of Huntington Beach, California. One of Rivy shot by his Mom, Photographer, Breeze Flowers, my daughter, of Malibu, California. So I got a wonderful present and I got my 365 of the day!

To try to make myself warmer, I decided to post a couple of shots from the Summer of 09.
This water lily in my pond really makes me dream of Hot and Sultry Summer days.
Right now the pond is frozen. I hope the fish are all ok. They have a sort of a house under the fountain (it's really just an upside down flowerpot) where they can hibernate and lay eggs for the ressurrection of Spring.
In Summer this lily blooms sometimes as many as four or five lilys on any given day, and they usually last for three or four days. There is also a Yellow Lily in there.

This macro shot of a Phalenopsis Orchid was taken by the glass door onto the deck on a rainy day last Summer.

To really appreciate the beauty of these flowers please view large, by clicking on each image.

This Collage is of Fiddleback Ferns and Pink California Poppies at Hart Park.
When I'm in California, Hart Park is a favorite spot for Photo Sessions.
There are Several large lakes and ponds with ducks, geese, Swans, White Egrets and Blue and Night Herons. There is also a large Peacock population.
The Kern River runs alongside this 44 acre Park, located in Bakersfield, California.

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