Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Thirteenth Day! of my 365 Project..
The Arctic Blast is over! We had a high of 53 blazin hot degrees today..and it sure was nice! It was still 50* at Sunset. However as soon as the sun set...burrrr..the temp dropped to 45 and got real chilly! This Fabulous Sunset is at Forest Lake. Taken from a dock on the East side of the Lake.
I love it out there so much. Someone is building a HUGE Mansion on the property that has the dock, and they are going to have an awesome view of this every day. I sure would love to have a little cottage on this lake, with a dock out over the water. I just love going out on the dock and watching the Herons, and geese, and ducks and white egrets. It's so peaceful out there. Even when the wind blows, it's still a great place to hang out. I'll be sad when the people move in and I can no longer go out on their dock... Day Twelve... Wednesday 13 January 2010
This Great Blue Heron is resting on the bank of Jeffries Creek.
I love the Mirror Image of the Heron and the edge of the Creek Reflected in the water in this shot. Although it's not a real clear, detailed shot of the Birds face I still love it. The sky overhead was dusky pink and is reflected in the water, as the sun was setting fast. It was very cold out.
Eleventh Day/365/ Tuesday 12 January 2010
The last two cherries in the bowl...
They were the only ones in the bowl joined by a wishbone stem, so I naturally thought of it for the picture of the day. I really liked the negative space created by the deep shadow in the bottom of the bowl. This was shot using natural light through the bay window in the dining room.
The cherries were delicious!

Day Ten~Three Sixty Five
11 January 2010
This is Zeke. Zeke is my 12 year old Staffie.
He's my sweet lil buddy. Although he's definitely going through some life stages at 12.
He is still a wonderful companion.
He was resting peacfully as I was setting up the shot, then a squirrel must have come up onto the deck, because he looked up with avid interest just as I snapped this.

Day Nine ~ Three Sixty Five
What Do I know of Holy?
This shot is from Sunday 10 January 2010. It being Sunday, I decided a visual image of God's Holy Word would be the picture of the day.
On flickr I titled it "What Do I know of Holy?" and someone wrote some lyrics for the song.
I really appreciate that since I didn't know them enough to write them, so here are some of the lyrics courtesy of Hasby on Flickr

What do I know of You
Who spoke me into motion
Where have I even stood
But the Shore along Your ocean
Are You Fire? Are You Fury?
Are You Sacred? Are You Beautiful?
What do I know, What Do I know of Holy?
I love this song, by
Addison Rhode

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