Monday, January 11, 2010


Summer Shrooms...
I shot these fungi in August while in Rock Hill, South Carolina. I had taken Ian to the Airport in Charlotte and was meeting Shelly Martinez in Fort Mill for a Photog Session with her and her daughters Lainey and Paige. More from that Session to come... I had stopped in Rock Hill to get food and saw tons of these gorgeous little mushrooms scattered all around the grassy areas. I was only there for a short while but it seemed like a place I would like to return to sometime and shoot the town.

Fortunately I have a remote trigger which enabled me to rest my camera on the ground and shoot some long exposures. It was around 7 Pm and the sun was very low. There were several buildings around so the low light was pretty much blocked out. I used my flash off camera for some of them but just a long exposure for most. The one above was barely bigger than a quarter.

I would love to know the different names of all these fungi, but unfortunately I don't.
I like the crenellation of the one above. It has a very unique upside down look to it.
The next two images are shot against the dark blue sky using off camera flash.
They grew in clusters scattered all about in groups of five, six, seven and more.

This one below and the very topmost one are of the same kind, and are about five inches diameter.

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